Microsoft Wallet

Card Convenience, Without the Card

With Microsoft Wallet, you can now easily make purchases with your HLEFCU Debit or Platinum MasterCard at participating merchants, just without your actual card.  Better yet?  Microsoft Wallet transactions process faster than chip card (EMV) transactions, and are even more secure!  Plus, you'll continue to enjoy all of the benefits, protections, and rewards you've come to expect from you HLEFCU debit & credit cards.
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Getting Started with Microsoft Wallet

Setting up Microsoft Wallet is simple.  To get started, simply follow thes steps:
  • Verify that you have a Microsoft Lumia 650, 650 Dual SIM, 950, or 950 XL running Windows 10 and the Microsoft Wallet app
  • Add your HLEFCU card to Microsoft Wallet
  • Authenticate your card by calling the number presented to you.  Note: the authentication process can take a few minutes and will include a series of account specific questions.  Because of this, we recommend you authenticate your card only when you can easily access your account information online via Home Banking while on the phone.
Once your card has been authenticated, you're ready to begin using Microsoft Wallet!

Using Microsoft Wallet

If you thought setting up Microsoft Wallet was easy, using it is even easier!  Simply unlock your phone and tap your phone on a contactless payment terminal and your default card will be charged.  Not sure if the merchant you're shopping at accepts Microsoft Wallet?  Simply look for one one of these symbols at checkout.
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