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Google Pay™

Simple and Secure Payments in Apps and in Stores


Convenience and security

Choose your device, add your HLEFCU card(s), and you're all set.  Wherever you are - at a store or in an app - you're ready to go.  Enjoy the convenience and security of mobile payments on the compatible device of your choice with Google Pay.

google pay

Getting Started with Google Pay

Setting up Google Pay is quick and easy.  Simply follow these steps:

  • Ensure your device is NFC-enabled and is able to run Android Lollipop 5 or higher.
  • Access the Google Pay app.  If not already installed on your device, simply download it from Google Play.
  • Add your HLEFCU card by taking a picture or manually entering the information.  If you already have an HLEFCU card linked to your Google account, simply confirm a few details to add it. 
  • Authenticate your card by calling the number presented to you.  Note: the authentication process can take a few minutes and will include a series of account specific questions.  Because of this, we recommend you authenticate your card only when you can easily access your account information online via Home Banking while on the phone.

Once you complete the authentication process your HLEFCU card will be ready to use with Google Pay.  

Google PayUsing Google Pay

Paying with Google Pay is a lot more convenient than digging for your wallet, taking out your card, and then swiping or insetting it into the credit card terminal.  With Google Pay simply:

  • Unlock your device.
  • Hold your phone over the credit card terminal.
  • Wait for the subtle vibration that let's you know that the payment has been transmitted.

And you're all set!  Depending on the merchant, card type, and purchase amount, you may still need to enter your PIN (debit) or sign for your transaction.  Online the process is even simpler!  At participating merchants, simply select "Buy with Google Pay" and that's it!  No entering your payment, billing, or even shipping information!  ​

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