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Apple Pay™

The fastest and most secure way to pay


Change the Way You Pay 

With Apple Pay + your HLEFCU ​debit and credit cards, you can now easily make purchases at participating merchants without having to fumble around for your wallet. Better yet?  Apple Pay transactions process quicker than chip card (EMV) transactions and are even more secure!  You'll also continue to enjoy all of the benefits, protections, and rewards you've come to expect from your HLEFCU debit & credit cards.

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 Setting up Apple Pay couldn't be simpler. 

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    Verify that you have a iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, or newer, and that your device(s) have the latest version of iOS installed.  

    Note: in order to conduct in-store purchases, you'll need to use Apple Pay on a supported iPhone; Apple Pay on supported iPads will only work with supported online merchants such as Pintrest, Groupon, etc. 

  • 2

    Add your HLEFCU card to Apple Pay in Wallet. 

    To do so, simply open Wallet and tap the "+" sign in the upper right corner.  Then, simply snap a photo of your card or manually enter your information. 

  • 3

    Authenticate your card by calling the number presented to you. 

    Note: the authentication process can take a few minutes and will include a series of account specific questions.  Because of this, we recommend you authenticate your card only when you can easily access your account information online via Home Banking while on the phone.

Once you authenticate your card, you're ready to begin using Apple Pay!  

apple pay screenshotUsing Apple Pay

If you thought setting up Apple Pay was easy, using it is even easier!  Simply hold your iPhone over the credit card terminal of a participating merchant with your finger on the Touch ID™ sensor (like the above picture).  Once your payment has processed, the terminal will beep and the Touch ID symbol will turn into a check mark.  Depending on the merchant and the type of card you're using, you may still need to enter your PIN (debit) or sign for your purchase.  To find out if the merchant you're shopping at accepts Apple Pay, simply look for one of these symbols at checkout.  


For a complete list of participating in-store and online merchants, please visit

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