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See All Your Finances in One Place


Bring Your Accounts Together! See All Your Finances in One Place

View all of your accounts and transactions with any financial institution with MoneyMobile. A convenient and complete money management experience seamlessly integrated into HLEFCU’s online banking.

moneydesktop iconWith MoneyMobile, you can:

  • View your account balances
  • Review all of your transactions
  • Track your spending by category
  • Check your budgets with bubble 

Download the MoneyMobile app

get it on apple store  get it on apple

icon Sign Up for MoneyMobile 

As a companion app to MoneyDesktop, you'll first need to sign up for MoneyDesktop in order to access MoneyMobile.  

To sign up for MoneyMobile...

  • 1

    First step

    Login to Online Banking, click the "Services" tab and select "MoneyDesktop."

  • 2

    Second step

    Click the "Services" tab and select "MoneyDesktop." Once you set up your account you may set up your MoneyMobile by clicking "settings" (the gear) in MoneyDesktop, then "Mobile Devices" and "Generate Access Code." 

  • 3

    Third step

    Once you have the code, simply open MoneyMobile on your mobile device and enter the code when asked for it.  


Tip If you like MoneyMobile, you'll love MoneyDesktop. You can also monitor and control your debit and credit cards with CardsApp.